Production factories

We develop our activity from Colombia, in 5 factories located in rural areas of the Department of Valle del Cauca, in Caicedonia, Versalles and in the villages of La Marina in Tuluá, Salónica in Rio Frio and Venecia in Trujillo.

Our operations center is located in Cali, capital of the department and third most important city in the country. We are near to the port of Buenaventura, two international airports and two regional airports.

Without this factory in Salónica, I think that many women from the village would have already left for the city

Edilma Arango, former associate.

Geographical Location:

Environmental sustainability in our factories:

At Industrias Integradas we believe that environmental sustainability is fundamental, that is because we implement concrete actions to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Although we are not generators of highly polluting waste, we guarantee:


Proper disposal of hazardous waste such as oils, needles, lamps and electronic devices.


Rational use of water and electricity resources, acquiring equipment with technology that generates less electricity consumption.


We separate waste such as paper, cardboard, glass and scrap metal, which is delivered to local recyclers.


We promote educational talks to our associates to generate daily actions that contribute to the care of the environment.

As a Cooperative, we work with our suppliers and customers in actions that reduce the environmental footprint of our production plants.